Get your souvenir NWT license plate today!

Living in “the south” for a short period of time has opened my eyes to how much people really want our NWT license plates. Many of people have asked me in person and even asked me through this site.

These plates are like no other in the world, because of their unique shape. As we all know that shape is of a Polar Bear and is also shared with license plates of Nunavut.

NWT Polar Bear License Plate

Northwest Territories Tourism announced today that they will be distributing the trademarked polar bear shaped plates with new designs. They will also be the sole distributor of the plates to retailers, members of the public.

Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment and Transportation, David Ramsay has this to say “The polar bear licence plate is recognized around the world as a symbol of the Northwest Territories,” he said. “This partnership with NWT Tourism will ensure that this souvenir plate will promote the Northwest Territories as a tourist destination in the years to come.”

To get one of the new souvenir NWT License Plates you can either order one of the NWT Tourism site, call their office at (867) 873-5007 or by going to one of the local retailers around town.

While I believe the web-store has been around for a while now, I’m glad I came across this today as I’m constantly asked where they can be found.


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  • It has been along time inbetween trips to the Territories.I used to have a Trucking contract out of Alaska. Ineed to get back and enjoy the people and the fishing.

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