Yellowknife Restaurant on Twitter #yzf

Good Afternoon kind folk of Yellowknife.

I am writing post not only to inform you but also to congratulate Yummy or Yummy’s (the little reasonably priced place to eat in the old Polar Parkas building, was in the Yellowknifer a while back) on joining Twitter. As of now it seems they will be posting up there daily specials and what not. I am hoping they become a valued member of out #yzf community.

It also appears that they are working on there website which I’m happy to say is a WordPress site (Its not like I’m a WordPress guru or anything). I hope they come up with ideas such as the ones I had in my Coffee Shop Online article. It would be great to see this little business taking the lead in Social Networking here in Yellowknife.

Check them out on Twitter [HERE] and make sure you follow them. Here is the link to their website


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