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Aurora at its best

Over the weekend Yellowknife experienced some of the best displays of aurora many photographers have seen in a while. Apparently this year hasn’t been a very good one but nonetheless they were out and many photogs took advantage of that fact. Even those of us who are not photographers appreciate the beauty of the Aurora. For some reason it is something special about that aurora. It is one of those attractions that so many in the south talk about but hardly ever see, so whenever we have the opportunity we’re going to tell you about them.

Anyways back to why I started writing about the aurora in the first place. After last weekend’s light show many photos popped up online. For example both Lee Sacrey and Dave Brosha were out on Vee Lake and managed to capture some unbelievable photos. Jason Simpson was also out on the Ingraham Trail, except was out at Prelude Lake. He managed to capture an awesome video of the aurora dancing in the night sky.

Do you get any good shots of the aurora? Share the link in the comments, we’d love to see them.


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