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What are some of the common questions people ask Google about Yellowknife? We thought it would be fun to explore what people are Googling when they look up Yellowknife. Using Google’s autofill we typed in “Is Yellowknife” to find out. Here is what we found:

Is Yellowknife in Canada

Yes, Yellowknife is in Canada. Yellowknife is the Capital City of the oldest Territory in Canada called the Northwest Territories. The townsite of Yellowknife is said to be established in 1934 and became the Capital City in 1967.

Is Yellowknife Safe

Yes. Yellowknife is a great place to live, work and visit. Yellowknife is a Canadian city like any other, but smaller and slightly more isolated. There are many parks, trails, community groups and activities that can be done. Yellowknife is patrolled by a local RCMP (Canadian Police Force) and a Municipal Enforcement Division (By-law Officers).

Is Yellowknife in the Arctic

Yellowknife is technically in the subarctic. The subarctic is an area of the hemisphere directly below the Arctic and generally spans from the 50ºN to 70ºN latitude. Yellowknife is situated at the 62ºN latitude.

Is Yellowknife north of 60

Referring to 60ºN latitude. Yes, as mentioned above Yellowknife is located at 62ºN latitude, just above the 60th parallel.

Is Yellowknife a city

Yes, Yellowknife is a city with a population of approximately 19,500 (2016).

Is Yellowknife cold

Depends who you ask. Yellowknife can have winter temperatures reaching -45ºC give or take and depending on how you factor in the windchill. That’s a debate we don’t want to get involved in. Those winter temperatures can last from a few weeks to a month between December to March. A nice winter day might be between -20ºC and -25ºC. During the summer (June – August) though Yellowknife can have average temperatures between 18ºC and 30ºC. So it isn’t always “cold” here.

Is Yellowknife worth visiting

Always! Yellowknife is an amazing place. Yes, we are biased, but it is. In the winter you have endless opportunities to get outside and experience real winter adventures like skiing, snowshoeing, dogsledding, snowmobiling, and of course the Aurora Borealis. In the summer we have endless sunlight which makes camping, hiking, biking and fishing surreal. And a mix of the two is our early fall where it is warm enough do all those summer activities while also enjoying the Northern Lights. You have to visit Yellowknife at least once. You won’t regret it.

Is Yellowknife continental or maritime

Yellowknife is a landlocked city and is not near any oceans, therefore continental. Yellowknife is however on the shores of Great Slave Lake. Great Slave Lake is the deepest lake in North America at 614 meters and the tenth-largest lake in the world.

Is Yellowknife a good place to live

We think so! Yellowknife has many career opportunities. They may not happen right away, but given a little time, you can move into a position that will gain you the experience you’d be hardpressed to find anywhere else in Canada. Yellowknife is a great place for those who like to keep active. Not only is it surrounded by endless wilderness and lakes perfect for any outdoor activity imaginable, it also boasts great city facilities like multiple arenas, soccer pitches, swimming pool and running track. Organized sports are plentiful in Yellowknife and always welcoming. Yellowknife is more isolated than many places in Canada, and the cost of living is higher than most, but on par with places like Toronto and Vancouver (obviously without some of the amenities).

We hope this clears things up for the many people who commonly search these phrases about Yellowknife.

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