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YKQT 11: Sombe K’e Civic Plaza

Yk Quick Tips is your guide to Yellowknife, NT. Whether you are moving to the city,  just visiting or live here, we can offer information about all the best things. The show will contain info about what to do while visiting, things to know about moving to the City and everything else interesting about the Knife .

Have you been to the Sombe K’e Civic Plaza yet?

The plaza is a newer addition to Yellowknife’s downtown core. It is located where the Gerry Murphy Arena and city parking lot use to be, in front of City Hall on Memorial Drive (49th).  The space is big and open on the shore of Frame Lake. An amphitheater is situated at the lowest point on the shoreline with several different levels of green grass from there. Few trees scatter the area, with flowers for added appeal. Enjoying your lunch has become a hit at the new plaza, with picnic tables, benches and ledges throughout the site.

This spot has also become popular for event, such as Caribou Carnival, Raven Mad Daze, Aboriginal Day and Canada Day. It provides a big open space for tent, vendors, and entertainment.

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