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Ingraham Trail Recreation Information

Yk Quick Tips is your guide to Yellowknife, NT. Whether you are moving to the city, just visiting or live here, we can offer information about all the best things. The show will contain info about what to do while visiting, things to know about moving to the City and everything else interesting about the Knife .

Take a Sunday afternoon drive up the Ingraham Trail and explore Yellowknife’s backyard

This episode of Yk Quick Tips is about Highway 4, or better known as the Ingraham Trail. It leads west of Yellowknife and in the winter is the beginning of the now famous Ice Road. There are many stories I have heard over the years about why the highway was originally built, but never the less it ends at Tibbett Lake. In between Yellowknife and Tibbett Lake, though, is an outdoors enthusiasts dream. There are lakes to no end, many with boat launches and day use areas. On top of that there is even two campground spread out on the highway for those looking for a weekend adventures.

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