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Review: Yellowknife by Steve Zipp

You may have seen it while wondering through the Book Cellar, a book simply entitled, Yellowknife. I know I have, I have even picked it up and flipped through the pages on occasion, but never gone any further than that. That just maybe because I never seem to find time to read or I just rather read content online, either way I maybe going to get it now.

Blogger and Novel Reviewer, Tricia, of My Novel Reviews has had the opportunity to read this book and has graciously written a review of it. In the first half of her post she explains what the book is about, the storyline, what is involved and what to expect. Into the second half she begins her review, talking about a character, a drifter if you will and the quirky mysteries of the north.

This quirky novel begins with Danny crossing the border into Yellowknife. He is a drifter, and when he enters Yellowknife, the reader drifts with him into a land populated by eccentric characters, where anything goes.

More than the fact I haven’t found time to read the book, I think I have been hesitant. I am afraid it may squre my view of Yellowknife, although Tricia does mention that our very own Yellowknife Blogger, John Mutford, will defend the book. If that is the case, I guess I will have to go pick myself up a copy. If you are still unsure about the book, you can read more about it on BookCrossing.com. If you have read the book, please share you thoughts with us below.

UPDATE: When I read that John, defended the book I look for his article on the topic but couldn’t find anything. Apparently I didn’t look will enough. As you can see in the comments, he posted the link the National Post article he wrote on the book. I thought I would also point out the first paragraph, because it is something I too believe is the case:

There’s Yellowknife and there’s Yellowknife. One’s a northern city most Canadians haven’t visited, the others a novel most Canadians haven’t read. You should do both.


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