Snowking Fireworks Live Stream

The Snowking Winter festival will be having their opening ceremonies this Sunday evening with fireworks, at the same time, the 2010 Olympic closing ceremonies will be happening. This is a dilemma for some I’m sure. Because of that I am going to attempt to live stream the fireworks. At this point I’m not sure as to where I will be set up or if it will work at all.

Here is what I am offering: If you are not planning on going to the fireworks because you can’t make it out or just don’t want too, come over here to At the bottom of this post there will me an embedded uStream player which at around 8pm will come live and at 8:30pm will show the Snowking Fireworks. You can also go to /live and see the same thing. Join in the fun, where ever you are. Want to help? Tell your friends, on Twitter, on Facebook or where ever.

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