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Driving the new Highway – Ingraham Trail Access

Today was the day that the new addition to Highway 4, better known as the Ingraham Trail opened. The new access point to get to the Ingraham Trail and all of its territorial parks and amazing fishing spots is now in between Fred Henne Territorial Park and the NTPC turn off. I took a gander along the rode this afternoon.

Yellowknife Highway 3

The new portion of the highway way really easy to drive. Coming from downtown, I had no issues using the off ramp to get onto the road, except for all the highway and Department of Transportation trucks that seemed to be driving around the entrance.

Driving on the road was much like any other highway, it was wide and relatively straight the whole time. Although uneventful, with little to see other than trees and rocks, it was nice to drive on a flat road, rather than the roller coaster ride that was Giant Mine.

At the other end I did find a couple things strange. Getting onto the already existing Ingraham Trail appeared a little less than ideal. The road was winding at that point and inclining. With the amount of trucks that will drive the road in the winter, I question this. I was also a little curious about how the new Vee Lake Road turn off will be adapted. There doesn’t appear to be a turning lane of any type and is on a short straight stretch. I imagine this might be improved come summer.

Have you driven it yet? What did you think? Will you miss the tour through the Giant Mine site?


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