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Yellowknife Inspired Gloves [VIDEO]

Yellowknife has a pair of work gloves, or rather Yellowknife has inspired a pair of work gloves. Duluth Trading is a trades supply store that was started in 1991 and sells everything from clothing, gloves, footwear and tools.

In the video the narrator claims that Yellowknife’s average January temperature is -17. He doesn’t however specific if that is Fahrenheit or Celsius. According to Wikipedia the average January temperature in Yellowknife is -26ºC, which is actually -15ºF. So if the gentleman in the video was speaking about Fahrenheit, he was certainly close.

The gloves, named Yellowknife gloves, look very similar to gloves that one could get here in town and ones that I even wear. I am not a trades person however, so I can not attest to whether or not these gloves would actually be a good fit for working outside all winter.

What do you think? Would these be something you’d wear outside throughout winter?


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