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A Duct Tape Date

Credit: Facebook Group

Last week the newspaper did an article on two High School students who have made there graduation outfits entirely out of duck tape. I thought I would also share the story behind this and encourage everyone to vote for them.

Jensen and Gillian are two Sir John graduates this year and took the challenge of making duck tape outfits. The challenge is put on by the Duck brand, a popular duck tape maker and will award the couple with the most votes $3000 scholarships to whichever school they go to.

A day before the article came out in the paper I Facebook Messaged Gillian, one half of the couple, who answered some questions for me. Here is how it went:

Where did you initially here about the Stuck at Prom Challenge?
A group of friends and I were discussing scholarships and all essays we had been writing when someone mentioned that ducktape does has a scholarship. Immediately everyone turned to me and we looked it up right then and there, and it was decided that I was going to give it a shot.

How did you decide you wanted to compete?
As I mentioned before it was just one of those things meant for me.

What was the process like designing and building each outfit?
It was long and tedious process but a lot of fun. Every little detail like the flower corsage and boutonniere helped pull everything together. I’m really proud of the craftsmanship on the tux at a quick glance it looks, well like its not made of duck tape. I also really like the pleating on the dress. Most other contestants used plain flat ducktape as a base material for their outfits.

How many rolls of Duck Tape did you end up using?
We used 29 roles of ducktape

What is it like to wear duck tape? Is it at all comfortable?
Its not terribly uncomfortable, slightly awkward to walk around in at first but once you get used to it there’s no difference to a regular dress. Though it is slightly harder to sit down in. The only complaint I have is that it is incredibly hot. The first time Jenson tried on the full suit the first thing he said was “well now I have to learn to do the robot(dance)”

Finally, if Jenson and yourself get voted the top couple, what will you win?
First place is 3000$ for each of us and our school. all the other details can be found on the sight stuckatprom.com

Here is where they need your help. In order to win they need votes, so they are asking everyone they know to go to StuckatProm.com between June 18 and June 26 and vote for them. You’ll need a valid email address and can vote once a day. They have also created a Facebook Group, which everyone should join to show them support. You can also find more information about the contest on StuckatProm.com.


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