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Flying to Yellowknife – What you need to know

Yk Quick Tips is your guide to Yellowknife, NT. Whether you are moving to the city or just visiting, we can offer information about all the best things. The show will contain information about what to do while visiting, things to know about moving to the City and everything else interesting about Yellowknife.

*Note: This information may be out of date.

For the first episode of Yellowknife Quick Tips we continue our series of How to Get to Yellowknife. So, this episode is about flying to Yellowknife.

Once again we start off in Edmonton, because for most of the time Edmonton is the only destination the airlines will fly to, going South of 60. That being said for the winter over the past couple of years Air Canada has offered some flights directly to and from Vancouver.

Blue Sky Westjet

Yellowknife now, as of May 2010, has four major airlines operating in the City. First Air and Canadian North have been around for a couple of decades, flying daily to and from Edmonton, as well as all over the North. A few years ago Air Canada started flying Yellowknife to Edmonton, with the addition to Vancouver in the winter, most likely for Japanese tourists visiting to see the Northern Lights. WestJet was the fourth to arrive in the 3rd quarter of 2009, but may be struggling to fill flights.

You could say the arrival of two new airlines is a good thing, but like everything else, there are positives and negatives. I will discuss some in the show, like prices.

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