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Yellowknife’s Annual Trade Show

Yk Quick Tips is your guide to Yellowknife, NT. Whether you are moving to the city or just visiting, we can offer information about all the best things. The show will contain information about what to do while visiting, things to know about moving to the City and everything else interesting about Yellowknife.

For the third episode of Yk Quick Tips we talk about Yellowknife’s Spring Trade Show.

The Yellowknife Spring Trade Show, or Yellowknife’s Greatest Indoor Show, or the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce Trade Show, is an annual trade show put on by the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce. It has taken place for about 3 decades and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, as there are many growing and expanding businesses within Yellowknife wanting to show their stuff.

I have always enjoyed going to the trade show. It gives me a chance to see businesses up close and personal. It is a place where you can meet and connect with those who not only have booths, but those who are just walking around looking.

Once the Multiplex was complete, the trade show moved to that facility and uses both arenas and the DND gym. One arena for the Business Booths and one for the Boat and Auto Show, while the gym is set up for non-profit community groups. Admission is normally $5 per-person a day and $15 per-family a day. For more on the trade show see our YkOnline Page: /trade-show

That and more as I talk about what the Trade Show is all about in episode three of Yk Quick Tips. Have any questions or feedback? Leave us a comment or send us an e-mail to info@ykonline.ca


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