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Tips, tricks, and locations for walking your dog in Yellowknife

Yellowknife Dog Walking Areas

Dog walking and Yellowknife go hand in paw. We’re lucky to be surrounded by wonderful trails and beautiful natural scenery. As Yellowknifers we’re also no strangers to the cold! And neither are our fur babies, who still need regular exercise even when the temps dip well below zero degrees. That means it’s time to get creative with our snow covered paths.

We (YK Sitter) recently asked our followers @YKSitter867 what their favourite wintertime routes were. We’ve compiled their responses, some of our own go to trails and our tried and true tips here for you.

Yellowknife Dog Walking on a Lake

Tips and Tricks

Bundle up!

This may seem obvious, but the quickest way to ruin a good walk is to be underdressed. Protect your face, neck, hands and head as these are the most exposed areas.

But don’t overdress

It’s a fine line in the winter, the further you walk, the warmer you’ll get. If you’re too warm when you start you’ll get uncomfortable quickly as you begin to perspire. Layer appropriately but not too much!

Bundle up your Pup too!

When temperatures are low they’ll want their boots and jackets on too. Ice and snow free paws are happy paws.

Be alert and prepared

Safety first! Our winters are dark – it’s important to have reflectors on so you can be seen. Attach a light to your Pups collar too, to keep them visible and safe. We also recommend always having a flashlight on you when walking the trails.

Pick up the poop!

Don’t forget poop bags. Cleaning up is important even when the snow is on the ground. Attach a bag holder to your leash so you never forget and consider compostable options!

Shorter walks are better than no walks.

It’s cold – we know, your pup may even be reluctant to go out, but their exercise is important even in the winter months. Consider a shorter route on the really chilly days.

Call us!

YK Sitter knows that sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day. Take back your evening or lunch break with help from us! We provide 30 and 60 minute fun filled walks for your dogs that are guaranteed to give your pup the exercise they need. Private walks are booked by location; either your neighbourhood or an adventure out for off leash walkers. Round trip travel (if applicable) and a fresh water change are included.


Niven Lake Trail

Great for those that live in the Niven subdivision area, this scenic route is easy to walk and well maintained. This trail features benches and viewing platforms and has garbage bins along the path.

Tin Can Hill

Tin Can Hill is a designated ‘off leash’ area for dogs, so we only recommend it if your pup plays well with others – it’s one of our favourites! With lots of trails and a natural setting, it is an excellent area for doggy fun and frolic! The entrance can be found at the end of School Draw Avenue.

Rat Lake Trail

Near Tin Can Hill, this trail comes recommended by many of our friends and has quick and easy access from Con Road. It’s conveniently located near residential neighbourhoods and downtown, and, like Tin Can Hill, is a natural retreat within city limits.

Range Lake and Parker Park

Ideal for those who live in this residential area, or people who just want to try something new, this is a great location for on-leash dog walking. We’ve never had any complaints from our furry friends on this one! Be sure to clean up after your pooch, as this is a public park. Access can be found off Finlayson Drive, or onto Range Lake from Rivett Drive.

Frame Lake Trail

Located close to the city centre, the Frame Lake Trail has a number of different starting locations including downtown, YK Co-op and the hospital, making it a popular choice for Yellowknifers. To change things up in the winter you may walk across the lake — made easier with pylons set up by the City of Yellowknife to guide you.  Like Range Lake and Parker Field, this is a public park, so make sure that your doggy is leashed and you leave nothing behind.

Cameron falls

Approximately an hour’s drive from Yellowknife, this hike is perfect for the owner of a dog who loves car rides with lots of off-leash exercise at the end of it. This is a beautiful walk, in both summer and winter, and is sure to be a fun adventure for both you and your pup.


Enjoyed this list but don’t have a pup to walk? The NWT SPCA always needs volunteers for their animals – it’s a great way to help them out and get in a good walk yourself!

This article was compiled and produced by YK Sitter. If you have an additional tip or route you like to take with your pooch, please leave a comment below. YK Sitter can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.


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