Yellowknife Instagram: April 10

As they say “April showers, bring May flowers” except if you live in the north. I like to think we get into one of those proud protective situations, where everywhere else is getting ridiculously good weather and we are getting a snow storm but we are all brushing it off as if it is normal. Thats why I like the first photo this week.

On another note, the City of Yellowknife has announced that all of the outdoor skating rinks, other than the one on Frame Lake, have been closed for the season due to ice conditions. I would also mention of a word of caution when on the lakes as well. There might be a lot of overflow out there, please be careful.

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When I saw this photo of a meal at Bullocks, dreams of patio season and midnight suns came rushing into my mind. Soon. Soon. Soon.

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Tag your Instagram photos with #Yellowknife and maybe it’ll get picked for next week.


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