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13 Awesome Instagram Photos of Long John Jamboree 2015

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What does one say when the weather is gorgeous, people are happy and there is just so much to do all on one weekend? Nothing. You say nothing and enjoy it.

Since its inception in 2012 I’ve been hanging out on Yellowknife Bay for the Long John Jamboree and every year I follow-up by saying what a fun and wonderful time I had. This year was definitely no exception. Actually if you didn’t go to the Long John Jamboree this year you seriously missed out. The weather? Phenomenal!

And as I sit down for what seems to be the first time all weekend, still feeling the fresh air on my face and with the anticipation I’m going to doze off any second to look through this weekends photos, I can’t help but be extremely thankful for all the endless volunteer hours that the board and executive director of the Long John Jamboree have put in. Getting the Jamboree off the ground each year is no small feat and while I know we all appreciate it, show them some extra appreciation next time you see them. Or sign up to volunteer for next year because without dedicated people who see the greater benefit to the community none of this would happen.

Now, with the hundreds of phones and cameras I saw out this weekend it was no surprise there was a lot of photos on Instagram. However, not enough people were using the hashtag #ykfestivals. If you still plan on posting your photos from this weekend be sure to tag them with #ykfestivals.


























There is hundreds more photos on Instagram of Long John Jamboree so check them out at #Yellowknife, #ykfestivals, #ljj2015 and #LongJohnJamboree

What was your favourite part?


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