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Then and Now: Old Town Intersection 1980’s

As I continue my adventure of finding where old Yellowknife photos were taken and take new ones, you will notice that, of course, there will be a lot of Old Town. It was the birth place of Yellowknife and where it all started. I love reading about the history of Yellowknife and there are several good books available. Head over to the Yellowknife Book Cellar and see what you can find. One of my favourites is Old Town by Fran Hurcomb.

Today’s photo was taken down the face of the Pilots Monument hill. Many of us have walked those steps – bonus points if you had to count them for something – and many of us have probably stood in this spot. As you look out not much has changed in the 30 years since this original photo was taken. It seems like only one building is missing today and Just Furs was added sometime in the 90’s. The trees are of course smaller and power poles in different spots. The curiosity is now, what was in these buildings then compared to now?

Photo curated by Amanda Mallon 1980's

Photo curated by Amanda Mallon 1980’s

Photo Credit: Kyle Thomas 2013

Photo Credit: Kyle Thomas 2013


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I’m doing my best to credit the photos properly, but if something is wrong please email me and I will change it right away.

If you have photos of Yellowknife’s past, the city, buildings, landscapes and want to share them please email me through the contact page, as I’d love to continue this series.


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