Yellowknife Then and Now: 50/50 Intersection

We haven’t posted a then and now series post in about two years and we think that is far too long. The good thing is we can always pick the series right back up again and look into Yellowknife’s past.

Landscapes change, buildings change, vehicles change, but Yellowknife is always recognizable. In this post, we are featuring the intersection of 50th Avenue (Franklin Avenue) and 50th Street (Range Street).

There are several differences between the two photos below. The first one taken sometime in the 1970’s, with the recent one taken only two weeks ago as of this posting. One of the most notable changes is what appears to be The Bank of Nova Scotia is no long in the infamous 50/50 lot. I believe this building was also the local rec hall before being torn down.

Other changes include the change in the Bank of Commerce, which is now the CIBC. The Arthur Laing Building building was missing its top floor which was constructed after the initial build to create more government offices.

One other change that can be seen is the details in the beautification of downtown Yellowknife. In the later photo, there are no garbage cans, flowers or public art displays, but all of those things are present today.


Photo by: Gerald Tanner 1970s/Yellowknife


Photo by: Kyle Thomas 2016/Yellowknife

If we have incorrectly credited a photo please let us know and we’ll make sure it is corrected.

If you have photos of Yellowknife’s past, the city, buildings, landscapes and want to share them please email me through the contact page, as I’d love to continue this series.


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