NWT Pride came out for a great weekend

The community was out in colours over the weekend, rainbow colours to be exact.

The first NWT Pride weekend took place throughout Yellowknife from Friday to Sunday. Starting with the kick off at the Civic Plaza and a packed house at the Top Knight Friday night.

When I spoke with one of the coordinators, Nancy MacNeill, she informed me that fundraiser night at Top Knight almost covered all the costs for the weekend, so she was ecstatic.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday workshops like how to dress drag, where drag make-up and history. There was also a poetry slam and comical wonders of Mel Leonard. Of course then there was the marvellous musical acts of Grey Grit, Random Order, Hunter Valentine, The Johnnys, The Lonely Counsel and DJ Pronoia

Judging by the turn out and the buzz online, I wouldn’t be afraid to say this event was a success and that it will only getting bigger and better next year. It definitely has the potential to be nationally recognized and be another draw for visitors to come to Yellowknife.

While I didn’t take many photos myself, NWT Pride did have an official photographer at the event who will be posting photos in the coming days.

NWT Pride 2012

NWT Pride 2012

NWT Pride 2012

NWT Pride 2012

NWT Pride 2012

NWT Pride 2012

What did you think of the first NWT Pride Festival?


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