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How the 2013 Folk on the Rocks Festival went down

Folk on the Rocks 2014

Sand squashing through toes, sun beating down, yelling laughter, vender food, sea of foldable chairs, beer lines, dancing with hands in the air, midday and midnight concerts.

These are all expressions, feelings and actions that are experienced at Folk on the Rocks. Passion for summer, fun, friends and music rings through the grounds as if there isn’t another care in the world.

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Is this really another year of Folk on the Rocks, I asked myself as I first entered the grounds on Saturday, or is it just a continuation of the last year, or the year before that. A continuation of an amazing summer party that just picks up where it left off?

I was so taken in by the spirit of the people dancing in the sand, talking with friends and lounging by one of the stages. Maybe it was because I had hesitations about Folk on the Rocks this year.

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For some reason many people I spoke to leading up to Folk didn’t sound to keen on going this year, citing they were too old and didn’t have the “energy” needed.

Boy did that thinking change when I started wondering the grounds on Saturday. There was newborns, wide-eyed and stretched-necked just watching all the people and music happening around them, as they were strapped to mom or dad’s back. Or there was the die-hard Folkers who have been coming since the beginning, who probably didn’t have much time to themselves as most of the town would stop and say hello to them.

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One of the people I chatted with at the Main Stage was a retired photographer from Ontario. He was telling me about his travels and photography and how nowadays he just does it for fun. It got me thinking about the photography at the festival. There are the pros that are there to document the events, reporters and bloggers who report on it and then there are the hundreds of festivalgoers who have smartphones strapped to their hands.

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Instant is the name of the game now. Years past when I first started doing this my photos were great to look back at the event for those who didn’t attend, but now people can live at the event from wherever they are in the world thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I don’t disagree, nothing compares to actually being at the event, hearing the music, feeling the sand and lounging by the water. However, now, those who can’t, get a glimpse into Yellowknife’s greatest summer weekend.

When I say this, I think I speak for everyone, thanks to the events organizers, the volunteers and the musicians. Thanks for making it another awesome event and the another reason to love living in Yellowknife.

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Now, tell me, what was your favourite part this year?


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