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Float Plane Memorial Fly Past & Dedication [PHOTOS]

This weekend has been a blast into our aviation past. The Float Plane Fly-in seemed to get off without a hitch despite the threatening rain.

My Sunday was spent living up Yellowknife’s past. Breakfast was a real treat, and my first time in the newly restored Wildcat Cafe. The portions were huge and the food excellent. I’m happy to report this eatery is back in full swing with an exceptional interior.

After breakfast we, and it seemed like another couple hundred Yellowknifers, walked up Pilots Monument for the Float Plane Memorial Fly Past, which kicked off at 11am. Several planes taxied around Back Bay before taking off and circling around the monument. A movement of silence was had to remember all the pilots who have passed since the last memorial.


We did get to hear a little bit about the history of aviation in Yellowknife from lifer and former Mayor, David Lovell. He spoke about when planes were the only way in or out and the 6 weeks between each season where you couldn’t land anywhere. Times have changed but role of the float planes in the exploration of Yellowknife shouldn’t be forgotten.

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