How To Be a Yellowknifer: Shiri MacPherson

Shiri at Folk on the Rocks

If Shiri MacPherson were to be nominated for an award the category would be along the lines of Most Passionate Yellowknife Volunteer. Her dedication to volunteering and supporting local events is second to none and we talk all about it in this episode of the How To Be a Yellowknife Podcast.

As part of a Yellowknife Online and Folk on the Rocks partnership, this is the second How To Be a Yellowknifer episode that focuses not only on people who live in Yellowknife but also on Folk on the Rocks festival and what it means to them.

According to Shiri, who is only 18 years old, she has been volunteering at Folk on the Rocks, the annual music and arts festival that takes place in July on the shores of Long Lake, since she was about 8 years old. She has essentially grown up and spent most of her childhood within the Folk on the Rocks family. Even celebrated her birthday at the Folk on the Rocks AGM in November.

Shiri with musicians at Folk on the Rocks

Having graduated high school in 2018, we reflect on what life is like growing up in Yellowknife and what it is like to leave for post-secondary education for the first time.

Yellowknife is just nice, much different than southern Alberta.

Her advice for anyone who is new to Yellowknife is to just get involved. There is always an AGM happening and organizations are always looking for people.

Sometimes you just show up at an AGM [for an organization] and people just assume you want to be on the board.

For 2019, Shiri is moving up from Folk on the Rocks volunteer to be the Stage Coordinator of Main Stage, a role her father previously held for a number of years. And recognizes the Main Stage will always be her favourite part of Folk.

My baby is getting a makeover

– Referring to the renos to Main Stage in 2019

Listen to all that and more on this episode.

If you haven’t already, check out what is coming to Folk on the Rocks this year on their website.

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