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Summer is Yellowknife a magical and beautiful experience. It is by a locals standards, the complete opposite from the winter. The days are long and warm, with an almost Midnight Sun that confuses the mind into thinking it doesn’t need sleep. Summer in Yellowknife is something everyone should experience. If you are interested we have online guides for June, July, and August, to help you plan your trip.

If you are travelling to Yellowknife for work or play, taking a tour or two is a good way to learn and experience everything Yellowknife has to offer. We are happy to share with you a list that we have curated of all the summer tours available in Yellowknife. Everything from history and city tours, to fishing tour and cultural tours.

Hiking Tours

There is a lot of great hiking around Yellowknife and just outside of the city. Some of the best trails you have to drive to, so often times your best way to experience them is through a tour provider. Many tours head out to the popular Cameron Falls, while others also hit hotspots like Prelude Lake Hiking Trail and the Cameron River Ramparts

Interpretive/Culture Tours

To go beyond just a typical hiking or boating tour, taking an interpretive or cultural tour is an excellent way to learn more about what is surrounding Yellowknife. Interpretive and cultural tours are about sharing knowledge and experiences of the land, the animals, and the indigenous people who have called it home for thousands of years.

Yellowknife City Tours

A Yellowknife City Tour is a wonderful introduction to Yellowknife and, sometimes, a leason on the history of Yellowknife. A simple Yellowknife City Tour will take you around to a few sights to show you want every visitor might see. A great Yellowknife City Tour will wheel you around Yellowknife in and out of popular and lesser known areas while weaving stories of how Yellowknife came to be. From the indigenous people of the area, to the early explorers, all the way up to when gold was discovered. A Yellowknife City Tour should leave you wanting more with a list of things to check out and explore during your time in Yellowknife.

Fishing Tours

Fishing is a big part of life in the Northwest Territories. For many years up to present day, fishing is a big source of food for many. However, it is also a very popular pastime for many others. Lakes are abundant all around Yellowknife, and being on the shores of Great Slave Lake makes it an easy choice for some great fishing, be it an afternoon, full day or multiple days.

Outdoor Activity Tours

Outdoor Activity Tours are tour that are obviously outside, but don’t fit into another category at the moment.

Flightseeing Tours

This is like a sightseeing tour, but from the air. A few different avaiation companies based here in Yellowknife provide these tours around the city as well as the surrounding area for a variety of durations.

  • Air Tindi – Long standing bush plane and northern aviation company based at the Yellowknife Airport and in Old Town.
  • Amhic Air – Small scale floatplane and ski-plane operation based on Old Town Yellowknife.
  • Acosta Helicopters – Helicopter company based at the Yellowknife Airport

Wildlife Viewing Tours

I wouldn’t say that Yellowknife is a wildlife destination, but there are many critters and beasts that roam around the area. Often times little animals such as foxes and ptarmigan can be seen just around town or while on another tour. However, if you are interested in seeing a larger animal you have to get a good distance out of town. Buffalo – or Bison – can often be seen between Behchoko and Fort Providence, with a couple companies offering tours, which is mainly just transportation.

Are there other tours out there that we have missed? Let us know.


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