How To Be a Yellowknifer: Stephanie Vandeputte

Stephanie Vandeputte

It isn’t uncommon for us to interview someone on the How To Be a Yellowknifer Podcast only to learn later that they have decided to move away from Yellowknife. We know lives take us in all direction and not everyone is destined to stay in Yellowknife forever. However, in the case of Stephanie Vandeputte, we knew she and her family were leaving Yellowknife, so consider this an exit interview.

Stephanie is originally from Belgium but moved to Canada 11-years ago. Then 5-years into her time in Canada, her and her husband, who is originally from the East Coast, decided to move to Yellowknife.

In our chat with Stephanie, we talk extensively about why and how someone from Belgium and new to Canada would consider Yellowknife a place to live. We dive into how she and her husband planned out their move here and learned about Yellowknife and job potential.

We go on to talk about how Stephanie became involved in the community in some big ways through her jobs, and how she overcame some fear and anxiety to pull off giving her own TEDx Talk in December of 2018

And while we didn’t talk specifically with Stephanie about Folk on the Rocks in this episode. She and her husband were frequent attendees and spoke with us, in partnership with Folk on the Rocks, 2-years ago about what it was like going from attending the festival on their own and then with their young daughter at the time.

We talk with Stephanie about so much more on this episode and wish her all the best as she and her family move back to Belgium.

If you haven’t already, check out what is coming to Folk on the Rocks this year on their website.

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