How To Be a Yellowknifer: Lorie Crawford

Aurora College, and by extension Yellowknife, is known for its nursing program. Turns out one of the people to spearhead developing that curriculum that now so well known and regarded is Yellowknife resident, Lorie Crawford.

A registered nurse, who with her husband, moved from Ontario, because of the long commutes, has now called Yellowknife home since 1988.

Yellowknife was only one of three options for the couple though. Bermuda and New Zealand were also in the running, but for good reason, Yellowknife was their new destination.

Today, Lorie runs a health promotion practice where she helps clients work on their health issues through nutrition. She and her husband have also run a popular raw food booth at the Yellowknife Farmers Market called Zing, since its inception in 2013.

Listen to this episode to learn even more about what Lorie Crawford has to say about Yellowknife, what it is like today and how it was when she first moved to the city.

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