At Home at the Yellowknife Dump

Yellowknife Dump YKEA

This isn’t an informative post about Yellowknife but rather a personal adventure of mine that also shows you a glimpse into the Yellowknife Dump.

Like Walt Humphries, I love the Yellowknife Dump, there is always something to find and make use of. Call me a scavenger, call me a scrapper, at the end of the day when I have a fancy new couch that just needed a good cleaning, I’m the one winning.

Yellowknifers love their dump, so much so that we all stood up and said we didn’t want to lose our right to scavenge. So now we are one of the last dumps in Canada that you are allowed to freely scavenge at. And scavenge we do.

Anyways, over the weekend, at the dump, I noticed a large quantity of couches and I started to think about how funny it would be if we staged a living room at the dump with things found. Well, that thought turned into reality when I started rearranging the furniture. By the time I was done I ended up with a circle of couches, coffee table, tv and a christmas tree.

At Home at the Yellowknife Dump

At Home at the Yellowknife Dump

At Home at the Yellowknife Dump

At Home at the Yellowknife Dump

At Home at the Yellowknife Dump

It is certainly interesting to see what is ditched at the dump, even throughout the winter. To build off this living room, I’m already thinking of ideas on how to stage a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom at the dump, with the goal to end up with a photo series of an entire house.

What is the best item you have found at the Yellowknife dump recently?

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