Knife Life at YKEA, the Yellowknife Dump

If you have been following me on this website for a while you will know that I enjoy heading out to the Yellowknife Dump and seeing what treasures I can find. Sometime I leave with nothing, sometimes I leave with a lot. Sometimes I even end up making art. Like crafting together this living room and then this bedroom.

Many of us Yellowknifers all do the same thing and over this past summer the nickname YKEA was born. Combining the Swedish store name, Ikea, with Yellowknife acronym, YK, to make YKEA. It could be said that this name came from the brilliant mind of Trailbreaker host Loren McGinnis, who stars in the latest Artless Collective episode of Knife Life.

In this latest episode of Knife Life a local couple head out in search of a baby shower gift. Where do they end up? Why the Yellowknife Dump of course.

What is the best thing you have found at the Yellowknife Dump?

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