Bedroom with a Yellowknife Dump Theme

Yellowknife Dump YKEA

My saga continues on constructing rooms in a home with the materials and items I find at the Yellowknife Dump.

This week it was definitely going to be a bedroom. The – perfectly good condition – dresser and bedside table popped out at me right away and I instantly knew it was possible. We dragged over a couple mattresses, sheets, PILLOWS, added a few knickknacks and bam, we had a make-shift bedroom.

Of course I don’t recommend using this room, it is purely for show.

Bedroom is a Dump

The one trait I noticed upon walking away from the finished bedroom is how quickly people were drawn to it. They saw it as they drove up, walked right to it and start taking items from it. It was almost as if staging the bedroom help people identify stuff they might want.

Maybe the City should start home staging at the dump to help recycle some of the dumped items?

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