Brunch at Coyotes Bar & Grill [CLOSED]

IMG_0107Coyotes Bar & Grill is now closed. A reincarnation has opened up in downtown Yellowknife called Coyotes Bistro on Franklin. 

On a Sunday, different people do different things. Some go to church, others sleep in, I on the other hand eat. I had the opportunity to try out Coyotes Sunday Brunch. Coyotes Bar & Grill might be Yellowknife’s only self titled Steak and Seafood joint, but that doesn’t stop them from offering one of the best breakfast/lunch/totally awesome buffets around. Then again I am probably being bias because I have not yet tried another one, but nonetheless it was good.

From the look of the outside of the building some may be surprised when walking through the doors. Many may not know but this restaurant, and bar, moved into this building after a Dairy Queen closed down years ago. Once we entered we were greeted right away, seated and asked out drink selection. The seating area is dived into 3 spaces, which is nice and gives you a little more sense of privacy.


The buffet area was packed, not with people, but with food. They had everything, and that is only half an exaggeration. Offering something that will satisfy everyone is pretty hard, but I think Coyotes does it well. They had your basic breakfast items, pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs and my personal favorite Eggs Benedict.


I haven’t encountered many places that offer Shrimp for lunch let alone breakfast, but people were eating it. To go along with the shrimp there was a wide selection of pastas and salads with all the toppings.


In this corner of the buffet area there was two things going on. To the right they had 4 main dishes, perogies and sausage, chicken, lasagna and crab legs. Yes indeed I did say crab legs, although I did not try any. To the right is where the owner, Ed But, would make you up eggs, however you would like with what ever fixings you would like. When an owner of a business is right there working with the customers it means a lot to me. It shows they are willing to do the work and make sure you are enjoying yourself. I must also recognize the waitresses who were constantly going around to make sure everyone had everything they needed.


Of course I had to go up 2 or 3.. okay maybe 4 times, but it is not often I am able to get out to a buffet this good.



One thing that shocked me about the buffet was the selection of desserts, I could not believe they had an entire table full. I had to contain myself and only take a slice of Triple Chocolate Cake.


In all I was very pleased with the buffet and restaurant over all. The only thing going in that worried me was the price to food quality ratio. Once I saw the amount, selection and quality of food that worry went away. The price per person for the buffet was $23 and although this is a little much for me, I can understand why. I will definitely be returning, just maybe not as frequently as I want.

Have you ever tried the Sunday Brunch Buffet? Let everyone know how your experience went below in the comments.


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