Yellowknife Instagram: February 2

At the end of last week we had some weather that was nice. Like -25 nice. And I think we all wished it would’ve stayed…

But then this happened…

It got colder.

And the Ice Fog and exhaust lingered in the air.

It stayed and didn’t let up.

And everybody and I mean everybody was talking about it.

But hey, at the end of the day, it is still beautiful here.

I hope you are making the most the cool weather.


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Kyle Thomas

Kyle grew up in Yellowknife and is a local entrepreneur, writer, baker, and Yellowknife Advocate who is addicted to learning as much as he can about the community and sharing it with anyone who'll listen. In 2009 he developed A website all about living, working and thriving in Yellowknife for residents, newcomers, and visitors.

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