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YKQT 10: Mosquito Protection

Yk Quick Tips is your guide to Yellowknife, NT. Whether you are moving to the city,  just visiting or live here, we can offer information about all the best things. The show will contain info about what to do while visiting, things to know about moving to the City and everything else interesting about the Knife .

Those mosquitoes we have here in the north maybe too much for some to handle.

One of the most common comments I receive from travelers from the south is how they can’t believe the size of the mosquitoes. I personally don’t think they are all that big, I think the south just has very tiny mosquitoes.

We are all affected by these little pests differently, and I discuss in this episode about some of my solutions. I don’t go as far as telling you to rub mud on your arms, but carrying around a pocket-size container of Off! might help.

I for one, do not like bug spray, it is sticky and gross and I don’t want any part of it. I know I missed much in this episode, so add your knowledge of how to deal of mosquitoes in the comment section. Everyone has their own way of keeping the bug away, please share.

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Kyle grew up in Yellowknife and is a local entrepreneur, writer, baker, and Yellowknife Advocate who is addicted to learning as much as he can about the community and sharing it with anyone who'll listen. In 2009 he developed YkOnline.ca. A website all about living, working and thriving in Yellowknife for residents, newcomers, and visitors.


  • COMMENT FROM: Ken Forgeron
    Try carrying a lemon scented bounce sheet in your pocket.

    it is supposed to work against mosquitos, but i don't know if it works against bears…
    If the mosquitos are as big as people claim, use two bounce sheets.


  • I've heard about the Bounce sheet before, but didn't know it had to be lemon scented. I just used whatever was available, and it worked decently. I didn't feel like I was being ambushed at least.

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