Yk Street Food: Wiseguy Foods [CLOSED]

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Wiseguy Foods closed when Twin Pine Dinner Opened

Wiseguy Foods

Wiseguy Foods is by far the most eccentric street food vendor in Yellowknife and I love it. I’m a person of innovation in many realms, one of those being food, so when I find another that is also challenging the boundaries of food, I’m all in. What started in 2011 behind the ARCC (Artist Run Community Centre, which doesn’t exist anymore) is now known by many Yellowknifers and things are only going to get better. Wiseguys now has a solid setup in an enclosed trailer which they can move around to Yellowknife’s most popular events, like Folk on the Rocks and Ramble and Ride. For the summer of 2012, they also have a partnership with the Abe Miller Centre, which has fantastic outdoor seating.

The Food

I mentioned how the food at Wiseguys pushes the limits, so let’s go over some of the delights you might find there. First the Numbnutz Burger, my personal favourite. I don’t’ know exactly how it is made or what is in it but what it does have is a fresh homemade beef patty, thick cut bacon, onions and … wait for it … peanut butter, all on a fresh Chef Pierre bun. Another specialty is the Pulled Pork Waffle Taco and to be honest I have no clue what this even looks like but the name itself just screams good eat’n. Admirably, the wise guy is always cooking up new kinds of dishes so you never know what you might get but it will probably be tasty.

Wiseguy Foods Yellowknife

Where and How to Follow

Like I mentioned, for the summer of 2012 Wiseguy Foods has been primarily located just behind the Abe Miller Centre on 53 Street, just off of Franklin Ave. They are also often at popular Yellowknife events.

Their hours of operation are normally Monday – Friday 11am to SOLD OUT .

The best way to know where they are and if they are open is to follow them on twitter @WiseguyFoods


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