Yk Street Food: One of a Thai

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One of a Thai

In a town of 20,000 people, in the middle of the Northwest Territories, in Canada’s North, would you believe you could get Thai food? Well the simple answer is: you can. To go one step further, you can get it right on the streets of downtown Yellowknife at lunch time. I don’t know much about Thai food and I don’t know much about One of a Thai but I do know they have become almost a weekly meal for me throughout the work week. In any business you should be known for at least two things: good customer service and consistency. One of a Thai gets gold stars on both accounts from me. Every time I wonder up to the trailer I am greeted with smiling faces and the girls in the window have even come to know my usual order.

The Food

The food at One of a Thai is simple and it is always posted on the white board right by the window. Normally they will have 4 combos that will stay the same most of the time and one special dish. If you click the thumbnail above you can see what they had available when I visited them for this article.

Where and How to Follow

Here we are at the end of the Summer of 2012 and soon Street Food will go into hibernation for the winter but normally, during the summer, one can find the One of a Thai Food Trailer parked in front of the Greenstone Building or Rio Tinto Diavik Diamond Mine Offices on Franklin Ave.

Their hours of operation are normally Monday – Friday 11:30am to SOLD OUT (2pm)

In the winter One of a Thai can often be found cooking out of the Yellowknife Curling Club.

The best way to know if the food is hot is to follow them on twitter @OneofaThai or on their Facebook Page.


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