YK Gossip: Yktrader Moving South

You know what they say about a small town. You can never keep a secret for very long.

I want to share with you what I’m guessing not many know yet. The owner and operator of Yktrader is moving out of Yellowknife and going onto bigger and better things. What does that mean for Yktrader, well as far as I’m aware nothing. He and his wife will still be running it but from down south, although I’m sure they will have someone here in Yellowknife to deal with the money coming in from advertisers and sellers. I would personally like to congratulate them on their success with the site, I remember years ago when they came around handing out fliers when it was first starting out. It has now grown to a full time job.

So where are they going, what are they doing. First of all if they (the owners) are reading this, I know you are moving because I know your house is being advertised for sale on your own site. With a little bit of digging and quick asking of questions to some people I found out that they are moving too Red Deer. After finding that out I started doing my own digging online here.

Good classified sites are hard to come by that are directed to just one community. I mean Craigslist and Kijiji are great but they are to broad for a small town. So only naturally did I try and type in to my address bar only to find a Coming Soon post. At that point I was pretty certain as to what was happening but a quick Whois check confirmed it.

Now you know! Yktrader onto Red Deer Trader, soon it will be on Edmonton and Calgary.


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