Yellowknifers, Twitter and its Many Sides

The Youth of Yellowknife are finally venturing out of there corners of the Internet to explore the much raved about Twitter. What this means I don’t know.

I can predict it. They will come; they will come in herds. First a couple will join and then all of a sudden most of Yellowknife’s teens will be 140 characters or less online as well as on there mobile phones. They will “chit chat” with each other, meet new people from down south, get themselves in trouble, become addicted to it, rant and rave about it, get it banned on the school computers just like Facebook, MySpace and Nexopia and etc. twitterbird

What gets me is that I have been on Twitter (@the_bushman) since November and I have yet to even come close to using it at its fullest potential; so I can only wonder how much will teenagers get out of it. This is not a hit at them by any means it is just my curiosity.  Will they get bored with it because it does not appear as advanced as other Social Networking site or will it out last those sites because of its right away simplicity.

So if there are any youth that have just joined Twitter or are considering this I want to share with you some of the different sides to Twitter.

  • Marketing. Do you have something to sell, something to advertise, a blog or website, company. Twitter is a good way to spread the word. You could potentially reach thousands of people with in 140 characters. Darren Rowse, who became a famous blogger because of Problogger (a Blog about Blogging) also created Twitip a site all about Twitter, featuring apps, tips, and ideas all for your use on Twitter.
  • Celebrities. They are out there, real or not. Celebrities have started twittering to keep their fans up to date. Oprah being one of the newest and you damn well know if she approves it half the world will be registered by the next day. Then there is Ashton Kutcher who is 100% himself on it as well as Demi but don’t be fooled not all celebrities are the real person. Some hire people specifically to twitter about them, sad I know.
  • Then you have what I like to think to be normal people. People like myself who twitter about what they are doing, what they’re reading or watching, their amazing finds, what they have learned, etc. This is what I think the average Twit is like.
  • News. Like Newspaper, TV and Radio Station, etc. They will more than likely just have an account that generates a tweet about a News Article via RSS Feed. Which is a smart thing. I have personally never had News faster. Some may say this is just an attempt to save old media before new media completely takes over, and I say that is fine with me. The great thing about News and Twitter is you can ReTweet a News Update and it can get out to the public faster than ever before.
  • Finally (at least the last one I can think of at 4am) the people that never really get to experience Twitter for anything other than updating their every move so their tight knit group of friends knows where they are at all times.

So now you have a bit of a background as to what twitter is and what it can be used for. I expect you all to follow me @the_bushman, only joking, but seriously. If you are Twittering in the Yellowknife or NWT area go on over to @amsiebee‘s website and add your self to the Twitter Directory for Yellowknife.


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