Yellowknife Instagram: September 18

It has been a while since we looked at the photos everyone has been posting around Yellowknife on Instagram, so I thought with the end of summer here we would look back on some warmer moments.

Every year I’m optimistic about winter in Yellowknife. I truly love it, there is nothing quite like getting out on the snowmobile or skis, gliding across a frozen lake, waking up in a remote cabin with the sounds of a crackling wood fire. Sure it is dark, but that is what brings us together.

However, despite being optimistic about it, when I look back on photos of the summer I get a little sad that it is over. But hey! It’s just time to start planning for next summer.

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What was you best memory of summer in Yellowknife?


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Kyle Thomas

Kyle grew up in Yellowknife and is a local entrepreneur, writer, baker, and Yellowknife Advocate who is addicted to learning as much as he can about the community and sharing it with anyone who'll listen. In 2009 he developed A website all about living, working and thriving in Yellowknife for residents, newcomers, and visitors.

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  • Thanks so much Kyle for the photos. We left in 1986 and miss it even today. We have lifelong friends up there and when we see them its like we never left.

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