Yellowknife Instagram: June 3

Yellowknife sunset photos are one of the most commonly posted photos on Instagram. The theory I have come up with to explain this is: Yellowknife – and the north for that matter – has some of the longest sunsets so they are much more noticeable.

While in Ontario a couple weeks ago I tried to go out and photograph the sunsetting, but I just couldn’t get there. By the time I thought it would be good to go watch it had already happening.

Of course then there is my theory that it is because we are seconds from the great outdoors. For example this weekend I ended up at the Yellowknife Dump with Douglas Coupland, he found something he wanted to keep but wanted to also photograph it “in the bush”, so we took ten paces off the highway and instantly were in the wild wilderness.

Enjoy these Yellowknife sunsets from this past weekend.

shuparski’s photo

marlywonston’s photo

stuarthamre’s photo

mikegarrett807’s photo

klingbeilphoto’s photo

Where you your favourite spot for viewing a sunset?


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