Yellowknife Instagram: June 11

Every week I posts photos that you, the community, posts on Instagram over the weekend. Of course not much changes from week to week sometimes, but this is okay. I thought, instead of just showing you another 5 photos of sunsets or trees and rocks I would also share with you some reasons why I love these photos.

So here are 5 reasons I love summer in Yellowknife

  1. Endless open water – Yellowknife is on one of the biggest lakes in Canada but also has hundreds surrounding the city. Over the weekend I was fishing in a lake off of the Ingraham Trail that I don’t even think has a name (I caught lots of Jackfish by the way).
  2. Steps from nature – During the Northwords Writers’ Festival I got to meet Douglas Coupland at the Yellowknife Dump. He said he wanted to go into the wilderness, so we literally took 5 steps off the highway into the great unknown. It’s soothing to be reminded there is more than a concrete jungle around us.
  3. Northern town meets big city – Yellowknife has its small town feel, but it also as its city attitude. So when those two collide, you ended up with… Dog Sled Crossing signs. ūüėČ
  4. The Northern Light – No, not the northern lights, the northern light. While fishing at said unnamed lake over the weekend I was forced to wear sunglasses until almost 11pm because the sun was still shining down.
  5. The social gatherings РSure this happens in the winter, hidden away in the pubs, where the food is hot and the room is warm. In the summer though it is a whole other ball game, literally. Baseball games, patio meals, cookouts, lounging by the water. We Yellowknifers know how to take in the warm weather when we got it because we are terrified of losing it.

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What are your favourite things about summer?


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