Yellowknife Instagram: January 25

Another look at the week past in Yellowknife the the Instagram point of view. Like on Twitter, Instagram users can tag their photos with hashtags and because of that we can search #Yellowknife and see all the cool photos people take while exploring the city and area.

Since the days are getting longer finally we are stilling to see the sun setting later in the afternoon, instead of when most of us are hunkered in our offices. Adelecostanza’s photo shows how nice it can be to see your day coming to an end.

However when the day is over the night begins and that normally means Aurora and cold weather, but mostly Aurora. Mericsso’s photo shows how awesome the Aurora were last Saturday night. He is also a pro a some pretty neat Aurora video, if you go searching for them.

Johnexblue20’s photo reminds me that in the winter it looks like most things are in black and white. If only life were like that sometimes.

We venture out of Yellowknife for a second with Mindnoir’s photo and head down the Detah Ice Road. This photo shows the church in the community that recently changed its name.

Then there is a laugh. Miniminaj_’s photo plays on the YK Meme trend with the conceding “Move to Yellowknife they said, it’s not cold they said”

However cold it is, our little city is a neat place and Johnexblue20’s photo shows just that.

So that is this weeks glimpse into Yellowknife Instagram. I wonder what next week will bring? Tag a photo with #Yellowknife and maybe I’ll pick it.


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Kyle Thomas

Kyle grew up in Yellowknife and is a local entrepreneur, writer, baker, and Yellowknife Advocate who is addicted to learning as much as he can about the community and sharing it with anyone who'll listen. In 2009 he developed A website all about living, working and thriving in Yellowknife for residents, newcomers, and visitors.

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