Yellowknife Instagram: February 11

Okay so I’m a little late on getting this past weeks photos from Instagram, but to my defence I was out enjoying the warm winter weather this weekend and I hope you were too.

To that point the first couple photos I came across this week play homage to just that; getting out and taking in the wonders of the north. Whether it be skijoring, dog sledding, snowmobiling or just hanging out on an ice road.

Credit: melissa_jang

Credit: melissa_jang

Credit: kyle_with (me)

Credit: kattty23

Although yesterday did feel like we were about to experience a windy blizzard, those winds let up, the clouds started to roll out and we had a beautiful sunset.

Credit: metta_amy

Credit: adelecostanza

So that is this weeks glimpse into Yellowknife Instagram. I wonder what next week will bring? Tag a photo with #Yellowknife and maybe I’ll pick it.


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