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Yellowknife Food Prices – 2015

Yellowknife Food Prices

One of our most popular posts here on is our Yellowknife Food Prices post from back in 2009. It has received over 10,000 unique pageviews since then. I had gone around to each grocery store at the time and taken photos of the food prices for others to see. I have since realized this is a very popular question when considering moving to Yellowknife. It is something that when you know nothing about Yellowknife, or living here, you want to know. Either to put your mind at ease that you wont break the bank moving here or to make the decision about whether or not you can afford it.

Nonetheless I have gone around again and captured the average prices of common foods in Yellowknife. There will be differences between 3-4 grocery stores in town so I can guarantee they are completely accurate but they do provide general awareness of the cost of food in Yellowknife.


  • Butter – $4.99/1lb
  • Eggs Large – $2.69/carton
  • Peanut Butter (Kraft) -$7.69/jar
  • Milk – $4.69/4L
  • Bread – $2-3/loaf
  • Case of Pop – $5.99-6.49
  • Bottle of Pop – $2.29


  • 7 Chicken Breasts – $22.89
  • Beef Blade Steak – $6.90
  • 2 Pork Chops – $6.90



  • Raspberries  – $4.50/1/2 Pint
  • Lemon – $0.99
  • Blueberries 18oz  – $6.99
  • Kale – $2/bunch
  • Baby Carrots – $3.50/2lbs
  • Cilantro $1.49/bunch
  • Peppers – $2.99-5.99
  • Broccoli – $2.50/3 heads
  • Baby Potatoes – $2.99/680g
  • Onions – $1.29/lb



If you know the price of other food items or have a comment to make, do it below and I’ll be sure to update this post.


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