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Yellowknife Direction Dictionary

The city of Yellowknife isn’t that old but it is a fairly condensed area with a transient population. Overtime stores, buildings, families all come and go which results in some very confusing directions for newcomers. Long time residents or just any resident once their accustom to speaking like a local, often use landmarks to give directions and sometimes those landmarks don’t exist anymore. In an effort to help those new to the city and maybe some that have just always wondered, we have started to curate a list of local direction terms – or directionary.

The list is a living record and we’ll add to it as we learn more about the city ourselves, so to that end we invite everyone to contribute. Use the form at the bottom of this post to send in addition information on existing terms or new terms altogether.

Yellowknife Direction Dictionary

50/50 Mini Mall
50th Street and 50th Avenue
Abe Miller
4912 53 Street
Arthur Laing Building
49th Street and 50th Avenue
Back Bay
The portion of water between Old Town and old Giant Mine site
Baker's Centre
5710 50th Ave
Behind Walmart
The Range Lake residental area
Big Extra Foods
Independent Grocer on Old Airport Road
Bristol Pit
Gravel pit on Old Airport Road near Airport often used as a sliding and snowboarding hill.
A popular year-round restaurant in an old Trading Post building serving fresh fish and northern fare. Located on Wiley Road across from Weaver and Devour.
Old Chateau Nova
Days Inn on the corner of 50th Avenue and 44th Street
Circle K
Shell Gas Station
Military Hanger on Bristal Road at the Airport
Gymnasim in Multiplex Arena
Down the Hill
The hill on Franklin Avenue that leads into Old Town
Flea Market
On Old Airport Road across from the Bottle Depo
Gallery Building
Corner of 52 Street and 50 Avenue
Goga Cho Building
4916 47 Street
Government Dock
Public dock on MacDonald Drive in Old Town
Greenstone Building
Federal Building at Angel Street and 50 Avenue
IGA Store
Overlander Sports Building
Jan Stirling Building
4702 50 Avenue
JTFN Building
Miltary Building on 49th Avenue and 49th Street
Ford Dealership on Old Airport Road
N'Dilo (Dee-low)
Aboriginal community on Latham Island
New Government Building
5017 59 Street
New Town
Downtown Yellowknife
OK Ecomony/Super A Foods/Old Extra Foods
Glen’s Independent Grocer
Old Bay Store
Greenstone Building
Old Canadian Tire
Greenstone Building
Old Fire Hall
The Bailey House – Corner of 50th Avenue and 44th Street
Old Stantec Building
Birchwood Coffee K’o on 49th Street
Old UNW Building
5112 52 Street – Good Company
Was the expediter turned health food store that occupied the building before the Yellowknife Catholic School Board at 5124-49th Street
Now the site of Shopper’s Drugmart
Pacific Western Airways
The large old red roofed building by the causeway in Old Town, now a private residence.
Panda ll Mall
4951 48 Street / YK Centre West Mall
Peace River Flats
Residential area between 50 Avenue and Back Bay in Old Town
Rainbow Valley
A referance to the brightly colored house along a road in N’Dilo
French School on 51A Avenue
Sliding Hill behind NUP
At the end of 55 Street and 51A Avenue
Somba K'e
The Tlicho word for Yellowknife meaning place of money, also park near City Hall
Stanton Clinic
Beside MacDonald’s on Old Airport Road
Stuart Hodgson Building
5005 49 Street
The Bay/Houseboat Bay
Yellowknife Bay, the area around Jolliffee Island
The Big Lake
Great Slave Lake
The Diner
What was once The Diner is now The Fat Fox Cafe –
The Leg
The Legislative Assembly Building. Pronounced “Ledge”
The Pits
The sandpits just past the Yellowknife Airport on Hwy 3. The are is used for recreational purpose such as dirt biking, quading and dog walking.
The Range
The Gold Range Bar
The Rock
Pilots Monument in Old Town
The Highrise
The first tall building in Yellowknife, Coast Fraser Tower.
The Trail
Ingraham Trail/Highway 4
The Wildcat Cafe
Yellowknife’s oldest restaurant still in its original location and run seasonally in the summer. Located on Wiley Road in Old Town.
Tommy Forest
Tommy Forest Ball Park on 50th Avenue
Twin Pine Hill
Where the Summit Condos are now
Yellowknife South/Range Lake/Big Box Store area of town
School between 46 and 44 Street along 52 Avenue
Willow Flats
Residental area between 50 Avenue and Yellowknife Bay
Mac’s Gas Station
A collection of shacks located off of Hamilton & Bretslaf Roads
YK Inn
Quality Inn

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