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It has been a while since I last touched on the classified sites in Yellowknife. Now, no I’m not going to start reviewing these sites again, I only want to in form my readers where the best places are to buy and sell there things.

I have been receiving many hits from Google searches like “Kijiji Yellowknife” “Yellowknife Craiglist” and so on so I hope this post will answer some of those questions.

Yellowknife never use to have any classified sites until about 6 years ago when YkTrader came along. Robin, the owner, worked hard on the site to promote it and make sure it was heard throughout Yellowknife. To this day it is the most popular of the sites, with the most activity going on daily. It is the best known throughout the Yellowknife community and although some would say it needs a little redesign it is still fully functional and offers the best results.

YkClassifieds showed up on the scene in May and had certain features going for it. It appeared to have a “better” view of the categorization of categories and easier to use layout. Maybe true but this site just never caught on around the community. At first it seemed it might have a chance, but as I look at the site today there are very few listings.

Now onto the not-so-local sites. Kijiji has just introduced a Territories section on it site with sub-categories as the three different Territories. My initial response to them doing this is “sorry guys you are to late to the party”.

Craiglist being the other not-so-local site trying to get into the Northern Classifieds. They came to the north just over a year ago and as Robin said in this CBC article it is not local and probably wont work.

My biggest and probably only recommendation for a Classified site in Yellowknife would be YkTrader and I don’t quiet know why you would go else where. It has the people, the items and the community.

Let me know what you think about all these Classified Sites.


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