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Yellowknife 9th Greatest Comeback City

Lonely Planet, a travel website, which is 75% owned by BBC has named Yellowknife the 9th Greatest Comeback City. It is the only city in the list of 10 that is from North America, and is up beside cities like Berlin, Germany, León, Nicaragua and Volgograd, Russia.

Yellowknife rose to riches when gold was discovered nearby and slumped right back when gold-mining waned during the 1990s. Now the metropolis of Canada’s Northwest Territories (population almost 20,000) has again put its dark days behind it. Thanks to a diamond boom the economy is as buoyant as a Hudson Bay seal pup and the town is reaping the benefits. Now a state-of-the-art heritage centre looks back fondly on the gold rush. Meanwhile, in quirky Old Town (known as ‘The Rock’), designer architecture is replacing the ramshackle huts of old; the wonderful Wildcat Cafe serves as a reminder of the town’s tough gold-prospecting times gone by.

via The 10 greatest comeback cities

It is a neat honour to be named one of the greatest comeback cities and show make us proud. As well all know, Yellowknife, is one of the best tourism travel location, when in the winter for our beautiful Aurora, or the summer for our endless days.


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