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Why Yellowknife should be Hockeyville 2010

Jacqueline Brasseur explains, in this video made by CBC, exactly why Yellowknife should be Kraft Hockeyville 2010. She shares her passion for the game as well as the communities passion for it. Although you can tell that Jacqueline is faithfully a St. Pats supporter, the point made in the video is that throughout the high schools and the rest of the community there is a large support for hockey.

I’m sure the majority of us who grew up in Yellowknife played at least one season of the game, I was one of them. Although I haven’t played the game officially for MANY years I still enjoy watching a local game or a, close call, Olympic Gold Medal game. I even enjoy a good game of scrimmage on the Frame Lake ice rink once and a while.

This video is a good motivator for us to once again join together and make something special happen for Yellowknife. You could also send it around to family and friend to encourage them to vote for Yellowknife as well.

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