Where the Highway Ends: Yellowknife [VIDEO]

Meet Graham, Adam and Luke. These men are not your average tourists. They are adventurous and risk takers. They look for the extreme and drive right into it.

That is exactly what they did on a trip from Fort MacMurray to Yellowknife. They didn’t take MacKenzie Highway from Alberta to the Northwest Territories though. No, that would have been too easy. These gentlemen drove the winter road from Fort Mac all the way to Fort Chip and then on to Fort Smith.

They are a little unconventional to say the least. Forget hotels, these boys are sleeping in a tent. In -30ºC. And when that didn’t work they stuck it out in their truck.

From Fort Smith to Yellowknife and then up the Ingraham Trail these guys did a bit of everything and filmed it all. From sleeping in a tent to sleeping in the truck, from seeing buffalo to watching the aurora borealis explode in the sky and from ice fishing in the dark to snowboarding on the Dettah Ice Road.

snowboarding-dettah-ice-road inside-truck winter-camping-yellowknife

And apparently this is only part 1.


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