Bowl of food at the Vietnamese Noodle House

On a very snowy Saturday afternoon, my brother and I, ventured to the Vietnamese Noodle House on Franklin Ave. The Noodle House is the one of the older and more rustic restaurants in Yellowknife. At first glance you could almost say the building is closed down, but you’d be wrong. To a guest of Yellowknife this restaurant wouldn’t be the first choice, but to the folks like myself, who have been around for a while, it is one of my preferred places.


When we entered the restaurant at lunch time on Saturday we were the only ones in the place, but don’t be fooled. From Monday to Friday this restaurant is packed full at lunch times, so my best advice would be to call ahead or show up early.


One of the unique things about this restaurant is the ordering process. All items on the menu, which includes extensive Vietnamese foods and many Western foods, have numbers. So instead of ordering by name, you order by number.


My favorite is #77, but I’m not going to tell you what it is. Your task, if you choose to except is to find out what it is. Another notable feature about the Noodle House is the speed.  Your order, no matter how busy, is almost guaranteed to be served within 10 minutes, which for those in a hurry at lunch is a magnificent feature.


IMG_0079 When it come to pricing, it is very comparable. For an average lunch meal you will be looking at around $13, which is decent. The food is unique, the atmosphere is unique and the place is definitely worth checking out. At least once.

Have you been there? Let everyone know what you thought?


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