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Video glimpse of Old Town, Yellowknife

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 6.54.06 AMAnother part of Yellowknife has been featured in video produced by Artless Collective for the City of Yellowknife. You might remember their first one 24 Hour of Downtown Yellowknife. This time our famous Old Town. Many communities have old town’s but Yellowknife’s is one that, yes may be old and the first part of Yellowknife, but it might just be the most youthful and energetic part of the City.

From winter festivals to the Snow King and his Castle, making glass art to fine dining at one of several places. Old Town Yellowknife is very much worth a visit when visiting Yellowknife or just on a Saturday stroll.

What is you favourite part of Old Town, Yellowknife?


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Kyle grew up in Yellowknife and is a local entrepreneur, writer, baker, and Yellowknife Advocate who is addicted to learning as much as he can about the community and sharing it with anyone who'll listen. In 2009 he developed YkOnline.ca. A website all about living, working and thriving in Yellowknife for residents, newcomers, and visitors.

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