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It seems like the hype about Twitter is hitting Yellowknife now. Everyday 1 or 2 more users are signing up and starting to get in to this exciting social networking site. Slowly the #yzf Twitter community grows.

A couple things to go over for some of you who are new to Twitter or haven’t even signed up yet.

Here on Yellowknife Online we have a page dedicated to all things Twitter Yellowknife, on the page you will find a Yk Tweeps Directory and a link to the form to get on the directory. As well as a yzf hashtag(#) directory, because as the local use of twitter grows so does the need to define what you are referring to. More will be added as the community grows. The last thing you will find on that page is the #yzf feed. #yzf is the main hashtag for Yellowknife and it is nice to see what people are saying about our town.

Yellowknife is going to have its first Tweetup. A Tweetup is a gathering of everybody on Twitter in the area. It is a chance to meet and get to know the people you talk to online. At this piont anyone is welcome to join us at the #yzftweetup even if you are not on Twitter yet. To RSVP go to the event found here on FaceBook or go to the Twtvite event page and use your Twitter username. If you happen to mention anything to do with the tweetup make sure to use this hashtag: #yzftweetup

Twitter will a be a topic that will be covered here often, so you might as well join now. 🙂

*Note: A Links page was also added to the site. The page is filled up with Yk and Non-Yk Blogs as well as a Yellowknife Links. If you have a blog or link and want it on the Links page or if you think your link is in the wrong place please contact me through the contact page.


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