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Traffic Lanes Change

I forgot to publish this last Thursday when City of Yellowknife crews painted and rearranged the road lines. New turning lanes have been added to the intersection at Woolgar and Kam Lake Road. If you have already driven through the area, be aware that lanes are now different.

On another note, I also saw, what I assume to be, someone counting vehicles at the intersection of Finlayson Dr and Kam Lake Road. Are studies being done as to if another set of traffic lights need to be added. What are your thoughts on adding another set of traffic lights to Kam Lake Road?


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  • It’s about time they fixed the turning lane situation in that area, it was becoming dangerous with so many vehicle pulling around vehicles that were waiting to turn left. The only issue I have now is that there is absoultely no bicycle paths anywhere, perhaps a little more thought should have went in to widening the road rather than just painting new lines….

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